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Reactor-based Services

Here are services to run clients, servers and periodic services using the reactor.

This module (dynamically) defines various Service subclasses that let you represent clients and servers in a Service hierarchy.

They are as follows:
 TCPServer, TCPClient,
 UNIXServer, UNIXClient,
 SSLServer, SSLClient,
 UDPServer, UDPClient,
 UNIXDatagramServer, UNIXDatagramClient,

These classes take arbitrary arguments in their constructors and pass them straight on to their respective reactor.listenXXX or reactor.connectXXX calls.

For example, the following service starts a web server on port 8080: TCPServer(8080, server.Site(r)). See the documentation for the reactor.listen/connect* methods for more information.

Maintainer: Moshe Zadka
Class TimerService Service to periodically call a function
Class CooperatorService Simple service.IService which starts and stops a twisted.internet.task.Cooperator.
Class _VolatileDataService Undocumented
Class _AbstractServer
Class _AbstractClient
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