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Rockwell Semiconductor Zodiac Serial Protocol Coded from official protocol specs (Order No. GPS-25, 09/24/1996, Revision 11)

Maintainer: Bob Ippolito

The following Rockwell Zodiac messages are currently understood:
   EARTHA\r\n (a hack to "turn on" a DeLorme Earthmate)
   1000 (Geodesic Position Status Output)
   1002 (Channel Summary)
   1003 (Visible Satellites)
   1011 (Receiver ID)
The following Rockwell Zodiac messages require implementation:
   None really, the others aren't quite so useful and require bidirectional communication w/ the device
Other desired features:
   - Compatability with the DeLorme Tripmate and other devices with this chipset (?)
Class ZodiacParseError Undocumented
Class Zodiac Undocumented
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