t.i.d.gatherResults(deferredList, consumeErrors=False) : function documentation

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Returns, via a Deferred, a list with the results of the given Deferreds - in effect, a "join" of multiple deferred operations.

The returned Deferred will fire when all of the provided Deferreds have fired, or when any one of them has failed.

This differs from DeferredList in that you don't need to parse the result for success/failure.

ParametersconsumeErrors(keyword param) a flag, defaulting to False, indicating that failures in any of the given Deferreds should not be propagated to errbacks added to the individual Deferreds after this gatherResults invocation. Any such errors in the individual Deferreds will be converted to a callback result of None. This is useful to prevent spurious 'Unhandled error in Deferred' messages from being logged. This parameter is available since 11.1.0. (type: bool)
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