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inlineCallbacks helps you write Deferred-using code that looks like a regular sequential function. For example:

   def thingummy():
       thing = yield makeSomeRequestResultingInDeferred()
       print(thing)  # the result! hoorj!

When you call anything that results in a Deferred, you can simply yield it; your generator will automatically be resumed when the Deferred's result is available. The generator will be sent the result of the Deferred with the 'send' method on generators, or if the result was a failure, 'throw'.

Things that are not Deferreds may also be yielded, and your generator will be resumed with the same object sent back. This means yield performs an operation roughly equivalent to maybeDeferred.

Your inlineCallbacks-enabled generator will return a Deferred object, which will result in the return value of the generator (or will fail with a failure object if your generator raises an unhandled exception). Note that you can't use return result to return a value; use returnValue(result) instead. Falling off the end of the generator, or simply using return will cause the Deferred to have a result of None.

Be aware that returnValue will not accept a Deferred as a parameter. If you believe the thing you'd like to return could be a Deferred, do this:

   result = yield result

The Deferred returned from your deferred generator may errback if your generator raised an exception:

   def thingummy():
       thing = yield makeSomeRequestResultingInDeferred()
       if thing == 'I love Twisted':
           # will become the result of the Deferred
           returnValue('TWISTED IS GREAT!')
           # will trigger an errback
           raise Exception('DESTROY ALL LIFE')
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