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Exception definitions for twisted.web.
Class Error A basic HTTP error.
Class PageRedirect A request resulted in an HTTP redirect.
Class InfiniteRedirection HTTP redirection is occurring endlessly.
Class RedirectWithNoLocation Exception passed to ResponseFailed if we got a redirect without a Location header field.
Class UnsupportedMethod Raised by a resource when faced with a strange request method.
Class SchemeNotSupported The scheme of a URI was not one of the supported values.
Class RenderError Base exception class for all errors which can occur during template rendering.
Class MissingRenderMethod Tried to use a render method which does not exist.
Class MissingTemplateLoader MissingTemplateLoader is raised when trying to render an Element without a template loader, i.e. a loader attribute.
Class UnexposedMethodError Raised on any attempt to get a method which has not been exposed.
Class UnfilledSlot During flattening, a slot with no associated data was encountered.
Class UnsupportedType During flattening, an object of a type which cannot be flattened was encountered.
Class FlattenerError An error occurred while flattening an object.
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