# finger.py module from zope.interface import Interface, implements from twisted.application import internet, service from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor, defer from twisted.words.protocols import irc from twisted.protocols import basic from twisted.python import components, log from twisted.web import resource, server, xmlrpc from twisted.spread import pb from OpenSSL import SSL class IFingerService(Interface): def getUser(user): """ Return a deferred returning a string. """ def getUsers(): """ Return a deferred returning a list of strings. """ class IFingerSetterService(Interface): def setUser(user, status): """ Set the user's status to something. """ def catchError(err): return "Internal error in server" class FingerProtocol(basic.LineReceiver): def lineReceived(self, user): d = self.factory.getUser(user) d.addErrback(catchError) def writeValue(value): self.transport.write(value+'\n') self.transport.loseConnection() d.addCallback(writeValue) class IFingerFactory(Interface): def getUser(user): """ Return a deferred returning a string. """ def buildProtocol(addr): """ Return a protocol returning a string. """ class FingerFactoryFromService(protocol.ServerFactory): implements(IFingerFactory) protocol = FingerProtocol def __init__(self, service): self.service = service def getUser(self, user): return self.service.getUser(user) components.registerAdapter(FingerFactoryFromService, IFingerService, IFingerFactory) class FingerSetterProtocol(basic.LineReceiver): def connectionMade(self): self.lines = [] def lineReceived(self, line): self.lines.append(line) def connectionLost(self, reason): if len(self.lines) == 2: self.factory.setUser(*self.lines) class IFingerSetterFactory(Interface): def setUser(user, status): """ Return a deferred returning a string. """ def buildProtocol(addr): """ Return a protocol returning a string. """ class FingerSetterFactoryFromService(protocol.ServerFactory): implements(IFingerSetterFactory) protocol = FingerSetterProtocol def __init__(self, service): self.service = service def setUser(self, user, status): self.service.setUser(user, status) components.registerAdapter(FingerSetterFactoryFromService, IFingerSetterService, IFingerSetterFactory) class IRCReplyBot(irc.IRCClient): def connectionMade(self): self.nickname = self.factory.nickname irc.IRCClient.connectionMade(self) def privmsg(self, user, channel, msg): user = user.split('!')[0] if self.nickname.lower() == channel.lower(): d = self.factory.getUser(msg) d.addErrback(catchError) d.addCallback(lambda m: "Status of %s: %s" % (msg, m)) d.addCallback(lambda m: self.msg(user, m)) class IIRCClientFactory(Interface): """ @ivar nickname """ def getUser(user): """ Return a deferred returning a string. """ def buildProtocol(addr): """ Return a protocol. """ class IRCClientFactoryFromService(protocol.ClientFactory): implements(IIRCClientFactory) protocol = IRCReplyBot nickname = None def __init__(self, service): self.service = service def getUser(self, user): return self.service.getUser(user) components.registerAdapter(IRCClientFactoryFromService, IFingerService, IIRCClientFactory) class UserStatusTree(resource.Resource): template = """Users


""" def __init__(self, service): resource.Resource.__init__(self) self.service = service def getChild(self, path, request): if path == '': return self elif path == 'RPC2': return UserStatusXR(self.service) else: return UserStatus(path, self.service) def render_GET(self, request): users = self.service.getUsers() def cbUsers(users): request.write(self.template % {'users': ''.join([ # Name should be quoted properly these uses. '
  • %s
  • ' % (name, name) for name in users])}) request.finish() users.addCallback(cbUsers) def ebUsers(err): log.err(err, "UserStatusTree failed") request.finish() users.addErrback(ebUsers) return server.NOT_DONE_YET components.registerAdapter(UserStatusTree, IFingerService, resource.IResource) class UserStatus(resource.Resource): template='''%(title)s



    ''' def __init__(self, user, service): resource.Resource.__init__(self) self.user = user self.service = service def render_GET(self, request): status = self.service.getUser(self.user) def cbStatus(status): request.write(self.template % { 'title': self.user, 'name': self.user, 'status': status}) request.finish() status.addCallback(cbStatus) def ebStatus(err): log.err(err, "UserStatus failed") request.finish() status.addErrback(ebStatus) return server.NOT_DONE_YET class UserStatusXR(xmlrpc.XMLRPC): def __init__(self, service): xmlrpc.XMLRPC.__init__(self) self.service = service def xmlrpc_getUser(self, user): return self.service.getUser(user) def xmlrpc_getUsers(self): return self.service.getUsers() class IPerspectiveFinger(Interface): def remote_getUser(username): """ Return a user's status. """ def remote_getUsers(): """ Return a user's status. """ class PerspectiveFingerFromService(pb.Root): implements(IPerspectiveFinger) def __init__(self, service): self.service = service def remote_getUser(self, username): return self.service.getUser(username) def remote_getUsers(self): return self.service.getUsers() components.registerAdapter(PerspectiveFingerFromService, IFingerService, IPerspectiveFinger) class FingerService(service.Service): implements(IFingerService) def __init__(self, filename): self.filename = filename def _read(self): self.users = {} for line in file(self.filename): user, status = line.split(':', 1) user = user.strip() status = status.strip() self.users[user] = status self.call = reactor.callLater(30, self._read) def getUser(self, user): return defer.succeed(self.users.get(user, "No such user")) def getUsers(self): return defer.succeed(self.users.keys()) def startService(self): self._read() service.Service.startService(self) def stopService(self): service.Service.stopService(self) self.call.cancel() class ServerContextFactory: def getContext(self): """ Create an SSL context. This is a sample implementation that loads a certificate from a file called 'server.pem'. """ ctx = SSL.Context(SSL.SSLv23_METHOD) ctx.use_certificate_file('server.pem') ctx.use_privatekey_file('server.pem') return ctx # Easy configuration def makeService(config): # finger on port 79 s = service.MultiService() f = FingerService(config['file']) h = internet.TCPServer(1079, IFingerFactory(f)) h.setServiceParent(s) # website on port 8000 r = resource.IResource(f) r.templateDirectory = config['templates'] site = server.Site(r) j = internet.TCPServer(8000, site) j.setServiceParent(s) # ssl on port 443 # if config.get('ssl'): # k = internet.SSLServer(443, site, ServerContextFactory()) # k.setServiceParent(s) # irc fingerbot if 'ircnick' in config: i = IIRCClientFactory(f) i.nickname = config['ircnick'] ircserver = config['ircserver'] b = internet.TCPClient(ircserver, 6667, i) b.setServiceParent(s) # Pespective Broker on port 8889 if 'pbport' in config: m = internet.TCPServer( int(config['pbport']), pb.PBServerFactory(IPerspectiveFinger(f))) m.setServiceParent(s) return s