The Vision For TwistedΒΆ

Many other documents in this repository are dedicated to defining what Twisted is. Here, I will attempt to explain not what Twisted is, but what it should be, once I’ve met my goals with it.

First, Twisted should be fun. It began as a game, it is being used commercially in games, and it will be, I hope, an interactive and entertaining experience for the end-user.

Twisted is a platform for developing internet applications. While Python by itself is a very powerful language, there are many facilities it lacks which other languages have spent great attention to adding. It can do this now; Twisted is a good (if somewhat idiosyncratic) pure-python framework or library, depending on how you treat it, and it continues to improve.

As a platform, Twisted should be focused on integration. Ideally, all functionality will be accessible through all protocols. Failing that, all functionality should be configurable through at least one protocol, with a seamless and consistent user-interface. The next phase of development will be focusing strongly on a configuration system which will unify many disparate pieces of the current infrastructure, and allow them to be tacked together by a non-programmer.

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