Create a client connection creator for use with APIs such as SSL4ClientEndpoint, connectSSL, and startTLS.

ParametershostnameThe expected name of the remote host. This serves two purposes: first, and most importantly, it verifies that the certificate received from the server correctly identifies the specified hostname. The second purpose is (if the local pyOpenSSL supports it) to use the Server Name Indication extension to indicate to the server which certificate should be used. (type: unicode)
trustRootSpecification of trust requirements of peers. This may be a Certificate or the result of platformTrust. By default it is platformTrust and you probably shouldn't adjust it unless you really know what you're doing. Be aware that clients using this interface must verify the server; you cannot explicitly pass None since that just means to use platformTrust. (type: IOpenSSLTrustRoot)
clientCertificateThe certificate and private key that the client will use to authenticate to the server. If unspecified, the client will not authenticate. (type: PrivateCertificate)
extraCertificateOptionskeyword-only argument; this is a dictionary of additional keyword arguments to be presented to CertificateOptions. Please avoid using this unless you absolutely need to; any time you need to pass an option here that is a bug in this interface. (type: dict)
kw(Backwards compatibility hack to allow keyword-only arguments on Python 2. Please ignore; arbitrary keyword arguments will be errors.) (type: dict)
ReturnsA client connection creator. (type: IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator)
Present Since14.0
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