Begin logging to the given set of observers. This will:

  1. Add all the observers given in observers to the LogPublisher associated with this LogBeginner.
  2. Optionally re-direct standard output and standard error streams to the logging system.
  3. Re-play any messages that were previously logged to that publisher to the new observers, if discardBuffer is not set.
  4. Stop logging critical errors from the LogPublisher as strings to the errorStream associated with this LogBeginner, and allow them to be logged normally.
  5. Re-direct warnings from the warnings module associated with this LogBeginner to log messages.
ParametersobserversThe observers to register. (type: iterable of ILogObservers)
discardBufferWhether to discard the buffer and not re-play it to the added observers. (This argument is provided mainly for compatibility with legacy concerns.) (type: bool)
redirectStandardIOIf true, redirect standard output and standard error to the observers. (type: bool)
NoteSince a LogBeginner is designed to encapsulate the transition between process-startup and log-system-configuration, this method is intended to be invoked once.
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