A timeout policy for ClientService which computes an exponential backoff interval with configurable parameters.

ParametersinitialDelayDelay for the first reconnection attempt (default 1.0s). (type: float)
maxDelayMaximum number of seconds between connection attempts (default 60 seconds, or one minute). Note that this value is before jitter is applied, so the actual maximum possible delay is this value plus the maximum possible result of jitter(). (type: float)
factorA multiplicative factor by which the delay grows on each failed reattempt. Default: 1.5. (type: float)
jitterA 0-argument callable that introduces noise into the delay. By default, random.random, i.e. a pseudorandom floating-point value between zero and one. (type: 0-argument callable returning float)
Returnsa 1-argument callable that, given an attempt count, returns a floating point number; the number of seconds to delay. (type: see ClientService.__init__'s retryPolicy argument.)
Present Since16.1.0
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