Twisted Internet: Asynchronous I/O and Events.

Twisted Internet is a collection of compatible event-loops for Python. It contains the code to dispatch events to interested observers and a portable API so that observers need not care about which event loop is running. Thus, it is possible to use the same code for different loops, from Twisted's basic, yet portable, select-based loop to the loops of various GUI toolkits like GTK+ or Tk.

Module abstract Support for generic select()able objects.
Module address Address objects for network connections.
Module asyncioreactor asyncio-based reactor implementation.
Module base Very basic functionality for a Reactor implementation.
Module cfreactor A reactor for integrating with CFRunLoop, the CoreFoundation main loop used by MacOS X.
Module default The most suitable default reactor for the current platform.
Module defer Support for results that aren't immediately available.
Module endpoints Implementations of IStreamServerEndpoint and IStreamClientEndpoint that wrap the IReactorTCP, IReactorSSL, and IReactorUNIX interfaces.
Module epollreactor An epoll() based implementation of the twisted main loop.
Module error Exceptions and errors for use in twisted.internet modules.
Module fdesc Utility functions for dealing with POSIX file descriptors.
Module gireactor This module provides support for Twisted to interact with the glib mainloop via GObject Introspection.
Module glib2reactor No summary
Module gtk2reactor This module provides support for Twisted to interact with the glib/gtk2 mainloop.
Module gtk3reactor This module provides support for Twisted to interact with the gtk3 mainloop via Gobject introspection. This is like gi, but slightly slower and requires a working $DISPLAY.
Module inotify This module provides support for Twisted to linux inotify API.
Module interfaces Interface documentation.
Package iocpreactor I/O Completion Ports reactor
Module kqreactor A kqueue()/kevent() based implementation of the Twisted main loop.
Module main Backwards compatibility, and utility functions.
Module pollreactor A poll() based implementation of the twisted main loop.
Module posixbase Posix reactor base class
Module process UNIX Process management.
Module protocol Standard implementations of Twisted protocol-related interfaces.
Module pyuisupport This module integrates PyUI with twisted.internet's mainloop.
Module reactor The reactor is the Twisted event loop within Twisted, the loop which drives applications using Twisted. The reactor provides APIs for networking, threading, dispatching events, and more.
Module selectreactor Select reactor
Module serialport Serial Port Protocol
Module ssl This module implements Transport Layer Security (TLS) support for Twisted. It requires PyOpenSSL.
Module stdio Standard input/out/err support.
Module task Scheduling utility methods and classes.
Module tcp Various asynchronous TCP/IP classes.
Module threads Extended thread dispatching support.
Module tksupport This module integrates Tkinter with twisted.internet's mainloop.
Module udp Various asynchronous UDP classes.
Module unix UNIX socket support for Twisted.
Module utils Utility methods.
Module win32eventreactor A win32event based implementation of the Twisted main loop.
Module wxreactor This module provides wxPython event loop support for Twisted.
Module wxsupport Old method of wxPython support for Twisted.
Module _baseprocess Cross-platform process-related functionality used by different IReactorProcess implementations.
Module _dumbwin32proc
Module _glibbase This module provides base support for Twisted to interact with the glib/gtk mainloops.
Module _idna Shared interface to IDNA encoding and decoding, using the idna PyPI package if available, otherwise the stdlib implementation.
Module _newtls This module implements memory BIO based TLS support. It is the preferred implementation and will be used whenever pyOpenSSL 0.10 or newer is installed (whenever twisted.protocols.tls is importable).
Module _pollingfile Implements a simple polling interface for file descriptors that don't work with select() - this is pretty much only useful on Windows.
Module _posixserialport Serial Port Protocol
Module _posixstdio Standard input/out/err support.
Module _producer_helpers Helpers for working with producers.
Module _resolver IPv6-aware hostname resolution.
Module _signals No summary
Module _sslverify No module docstring; 7/7 classes, 9/9 functions, 1/1 interfaces documented
Module _threadedselect Threaded select reactor
Module _win32serialport Serial port support for Windows.
Module _win32stdio Windows-specific implementation of the twisted.internet.stdio interface.
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