Standard implementations of Twisted protocol-related interfaces.

Start here if you are looking to write a new protocol implementation for Twisted. The Protocol class contains some introductory material.

Class Factory This is a factory which produces protocols.
Class ClientFactory A Protocol factory for clients.
Class ClientCreator Client connections that do not require a factory.
Class ReconnectingClientFactory Factory which auto-reconnects clients with an exponential back-off.
Class ServerFactory Subclass this to indicate that your protocol.Factory is only usable for servers.
Class BaseProtocol This is the abstract superclass of all protocols.
Class Protocol This is the base class for streaming connection-oriented protocols.
Class ProtocolToConsumerAdapter Undocumented
Class ConsumerToProtocolAdapter Undocumented
Class ProcessProtocol Base process protocol implementation which does simple dispatching for stdin, stdout, and stderr file descriptors.
Class AbstractDatagramProtocol Abstract protocol for datagram-oriented transports, e.g. IP, ICMP, ARP, UDP.
Class DatagramProtocol Protocol for datagram-oriented transport, e.g. UDP.
Class ConnectedDatagramProtocol Protocol for connected datagram-oriented transport.
Class FileWrapper A wrapper around a file-like object to make it behave as a Transport.
Class _InstanceFactory Factory used by ClientCreator.
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