Generic positioning base classes.

Present Since14.0
Class Angles The types of angles.
Class Directions The four cardinal directions (north, east, south, west).
Class BasePositioningReceiver A base positioning receiver.
Class InvalidSentence An exception raised when a sentence is invalid.
Class InvalidChecksum An exception raised when the checksum of a sentence is invalid.
Class Angle An object representing an angle.
Class Heading The heading of a mobile object.
Class Coordinate A coordinate.
Class Altitude An altitude.
Class Speed The speed (rate of movement) of a mobile object.
Class Climb The climb ("vertical speed") of an object.
Class PositionError Position error information.
Class BeaconInformation Information about positioning beacons (a generalized term for the reference objects that help you determine your position, such as satellites or cell towers).
Class PositioningBeacon A positioning beacon.
Class Satellite A satellite.
Class _BaseSpeed An object representing the abstract concept of the speed (rate of movement) of a mobile object.
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