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Twisted Protocols: a collection of internet protocol implementations.

Many of the protocols found in this package have been moved after the package split in Twisted 2.0. This means you will get a DeprecationWarning if you try to import, e.g., twisted.protocols.http notifying you that it has been moved to twisted.web.http.
Module amp This module implements AMP, the Asynchronous Messaging Protocol.
Module basic Basic protocols, such as line-oriented, netstring, and int prefixed strings.
Module dict Dict client protocol implementation.
Module dns DNS protocol support
Module ethernet Ethernet Protocol
Module finger The Finger User Information Protocol (RFC 1288)
Module ftp An FTP protocol implementation
Package gps Global Positioning System protocols.
Module htb Hierarchical Token Bucket traffic shaping.
Module http HTTP protocol support
Module ident Ident protocol implementation.
Module imap4 IMAP4 protocol support
Module ip Internet Protocol
Module irc IRC protocol support
Module jabber Jabber protocol support
Module loopback Testing support for protocols -- loopback between client and server.
Module memcache Memcache client protocol. Memcached is a caching server, storing data in the form of pairs key/value, and memcache is the protocol to talk with it.
Package mice Mice Protocols.
Module msn MSN protocol support
Module nntp NNTP protocol support
Module oscar OSCAR protocol support
Module pcp Producer-Consumer Proxy.
Module policies Resource limiting policies.
Module pop3 POP3 protocol support
Module portforward A simple port forwarder.
Module postfix Postfix mail transport agent related protocols.
Module raw Interfaces for raw packets
Module rawudp Raw UDP
Module shoutcast Chop up shoutcast stream into MP3s and metadata, if available.
Module sip Session Initialization Protocol.
Module smtp SMTP protocol support
Module socks Implementation of the SOCKSv4 protocol.
Module stateful No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module sux SAX-like XML parser
Module telnet TELNET implementation, with line-oriented command handling.
Module toc TOC protocol support
Module wire Implement standard (and unused) TCP protocols.
Module xmlstream Undocumented
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