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Twisted Python Roots: an abstract hierarchy representation for Twisted.

Maintainer: Glyph Lefkowitz

Future Plans: Removing distinction between 'static' and 'dynamic' entities, which never made much sense anyway and bloats the API horribly. This probably involves updating all of Coil to have tree widgets that can be dynamically expanded, which probably involves porting all of Coil to Woven, so it might not happen for a while.
Class NotSupportedError An exception meaning that the tree-manipulation operation you're attempting to perform is not supported.
Class Request I am an abstract representation of a request for an entity.
Class Entity I am a terminal object in a hierarchy, with no children.
Class Collection I represent a static collection of entities.
Class ConstraintViolation An exception raised when a constraint is violated.
Class Constrained A collection that has constraints on its names and/or entities.
Class Locked A collection that can be locked from adding entities.
Class Homogenous A homogenous collection of entities.
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