[Twisted-Python] From asyncore to twisted

Daniel Brandt daniel.brandt at gmail.com
Thu May 1 16:09:12 MDT 2008

I'm looking for some advice on how to get started with an asyncore ->
Twisted conversion. Being new to  twisted I have some trouble getting
started (re)designing my system. All ideas are welcome since I'm also
doing this to learn.

I am about to convert a message-passing daemon written with asyncore
to Twisted, and I have two goals in mind. Code that is easier to
maintain and expand, and higher reliability. The last part would
probably be achievable while sticking with the present code, but since
I keep hearing I really should use Twisted instead, I figured I'd try
it out :-).

The daemon listens for connections from different peers. Some peers
just leave a message and disconnect, some peers connect as receivers
and linger waiting for messages. A message will be given to the daemon
by a messenger, and forwarded by the daemon to exactly one of the
connected receivers. The daemon keeps a data structure (a dict with
identifier: channel, actually) of receivers which it cycles through in
a round-robin fashion.

There are more scenarios as well; (recievers may send status messages
back to the daemon that the daemon logs, some messengers linger
waiting for confirmation from a receiver and a few other) but they are
mostly just variations of the above.

I'm a bit confused about what parts should be in the Protocol and what
should be separated away from it. Should I make a specialized Factory
or make a Service (or several depending on what type of client
connection it is)?

I realize there is a lot in my description that's open for
interpretation, but since I'm mostly after design ideas and good
practices, I'm hoping that's OK..

Best regards,
Daniel Brandt

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