[Twisted-Python] I'm stuck

Curt curtferguson at cfl.rr.com
Tue May 6 10:30:47 MDT 2008

The first problem I notice is that where you're creating the realm,
> you're indicating that `parseInput´ should be instantiated with one
> positional argument, `namespace´.  However, `parseInput´ takes zero
> arguments (beyond self) to its initializer.  This means a TypeError
> will be raised when `insults.ServerProtocol´ tries to instantiate
> `parseInput´.
> You might find the --debug option to `twistd´ helpful in the short
> term.  It will drop you into pdb when an unhandled exception happens
> so that you can see where the problem occurs, what it is, and look
> at the state of the process.
> Longer term, unit tests are a great way to isolate failures and get
> immediate feedback on whether or not a piece of code or a change to
> some code works or not.
> Good luck,
> Jean-Paul
Thank you very much.  That fixed everything.  I knew it had to be
something simple, couldn't see the forest for the trees.  Staring at it
too long I guess.

I need to learn how to do unit tests as well.  Lots of reading still to do.

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