[Twisted-Python] Cascading services (passing events through connected services)

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher at gmail.com
Tue May 6 15:38:13 MDT 2008


I'm currently trying to implement the JXTA standard (http://www.jxta.org) in
Python using twisted (because it seems to be the right choice). I've
implemented the basic parts that are not network related, that is, not much

To make a correct JXTA peer (well designed to be modular and to be able to
add services), I have cascade several services (I think they should be
services, but I can be wrong, I'm a real beginner with Twisted). For
network -> TCP transport layer service -> endpoint service -> some other
high level services -> endpoint service -> TCP transport layer (may not be
the same as the first one).

Is there a sample somewhere that does something like this ? Each time an
event is sent to a listener (the TCP transport layer, the endpoint, ...)
that acts upon it. I've tried to find some samples over the Internet, but
perhaps someone has a pointer to help me ?

French PhD student
Website : http://matthieu-brucher.developpez.com/
Blogs : http://matt.eifelle.com and http://blog.developpez.com/?blog=92
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