[Twisted-Python] [ANN] Foolscap-0.2.6 released

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue May 6 20:35:34 MDT 2008

> What's the current stability of foolscap?  Is it deemed stable enough
> for production, or is it more beta, alpha, etc.?

That's an.. emotional question :-), because I've got two hats on.

The foolscap developer hat -wearing Brian wants the freedom to improve the
wire protocol, which probably means breaking compatibility. There are some
versioning hooks in place to make it possible to do this less-breakingly, but
it's a hassle, and if this Brian had his druthers he'd be changing and
breaking things left and right to make them better. This Brian would like to
tell you that it's still alpha.

But the Tahoe/AllMyData developer hat -wearing Brian (you know, the one who
gets a paycheck) is deploying a commercial system with thousands of users who
all use Foolscap-0.2.5 to connect to our servers. This provides a strong
incentive to maintain compatibility :). This Brian is forced to admit that
it's at least beta, and the fact that his company is using it in a production
system suggests that there's at least one group of developers who deems it
stable enough for production.

So Foolscap is likely to maintain wire compatibility for the near future, and
if I really need to add protocol features, I'm pretty sure that I'll go
through the extra work of doing it in a non-breaking way. Take from that what
you will :-).

hope that helps,

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