[Twisted-Python] Maximum recursion depth reached

Maarten ter Huurne maarten at treewalker.org
Fri May 9 05:20:57 MDT 2008

On Friday 09 May 2008, Steve Freitas wrote:

> def start(items):
>     dl = []
>     for item in items:
>         dl.append(some_deferred(item))
>         if len(dl) > 4:
>             break
>     items = items[len(dl):]
>     if dl:
>         return defer.DeferredList(dl).addCallback(next_batch, items)
>     reactor.stop()
> def next_batch(_, items):
>     return start(items)

By returning the DeferredList from next_batch(), you are chaining Deferreds:


If you remove the "return" from next_batch(), the problem disappears. If you 
want to be able to register a callback when all items are processed, it's 
probably better to create a dedicated Deferred for that instead of chaining 
the DeferredLists.

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