[Twisted-Python] exceptions.SystemError: unknown opcode

David Ripton dripton at ripton.net
Wed May 14 08:39:23 MDT 2008

On 2008.05.14 10:22:48 -0300, Miguel Filho wrote:
> I have a twisted application in production for some time now, running
> under Fedora Core 6, Python 2.4.4 and twisted 2.4. I know, a little
> outdated.
> The process was running fine for some weeks without any problems,
> although I got this exception in my logs and I really have no idea
> what it means.  The process did not die and is still running ok.

>         exceptions.SystemError: unknown opcode

This means that Python found an illegal virtual machine instruction.

You can cause this by running or importing a .pyc file from a different
version of Python, without having a matching .py file to fall back on.

David Ripton    dripton at ripton.net

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