[Twisted-Python] Adding a file dialog to wxacceptance.py breaks it

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Sat May 17 13:26:16 MDT 2008

The attached file is the example wxacceptance.py with a minimal
modification to add a file selection dialog.  If the file dialog
is opened, the counting sequence stops, and although the gui
menus still work and the gui is destroyed normally, it appears
that the reactor hangs, and it has to be killed.

(This example will not work with pre-2.5 versions of wxPython because
I removed the compatibility code, which was getting deprecation

Let me know if I should just put this into a bug report.

Platform:  Ubuntu (gutsy)
Twisted:   8.0.1-r23638 (latest svn)


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