[Twisted-Python] quitting clients connected to a server from serverside

Patrick Scharrenberg pittipatti at web.de
Tue May 20 07:55:36 MDT 2008


I have a server with multiple clients (processing nodes) which send
their data periodically to the server using PB.

Now I'm trying to quit the clients from the server-side, eg. when the
server is shut down.
I tried to install a "quit-callback-routine" from the client on the
server, which the server should start if it wants a client to shutdown.
But this doesn't work, instead I get a
	twisted.spread.jelly.InsecureJelly: method

Please find attached some sample-code I used for testing.

I think I was 'a little'  to optimistic, that things just work when
trying to send methods over the net and expecting twisted to know how to
handle with this.

But what do I have to change, to archive the result I'm expecting?

Thanks in advance

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