[Twisted-Python] suggestions for naming to help us preserve a Twisted trademark

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Thu May 29 21:03:28 MDT 2008

glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> Two other things that I'm aware of using names like this, however, do  
> not have our permission, and if those authors are listening here (or if  
> someone who knows the authors here could get in touch with them) I'd  
> really like their names to be changed: Twisted SNMP and Twisted Storage.

I guess an important question is why these projects decided to put “Twisted” in
their name.

For Twisted SNMP, which AIUI is a library that implements the SNMP protocol for
Twisted, the reason seems to be fairly obvious: it's an obvious name, and
shorter than “SNMP implementation for use with Twisted”.  It's a library that
builds on/extends the Twisted library.  I guess calling it “Twisty SNMP” or even
a literal “Mike's SNMP for Twisted” would be fine as well.

Twisted Storage appears to be an application.  I'm not sure why they put Twisted
in their name; I'm sure Twisted is a useful platform for them to build on, but I
don't see it as being any fundamental to their application.  It could just as
easily be called “Python Storage”.  Frankly if I were them I'd try to find a
more independent and distinctive name — what if they one day rewrite half their
code to use something else? :)

So I guess they chose to include Twisted because they like Twisted, and want to
borrow some of Twisted's reputation for their own project.  We probably ought to
actually ask them why, it might be useful to know.

One last thought: what should Debian packages like “python-twisted-snmp” be
called?  I'm guessing that's an ok name as is: in much the same way that
“python-twisted” is a reasonable name for a package *for* Python without
implying that Twisted is part of Python, “python-twisted-snmp” seems like a
reasonable name for a package *for* Twisted, without necessarily implying that
it is part of official Twisted.


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