[Twisted-Python] EDNS(0) and DNSSEC support in Twisted Names

Richard Wall m-lists at the-moon.net
Mon Nov 25 09:56:20 MST 2013


I'm happy to announce that I've won some funding from The NLnet
Foundation DNS Security Fund (http://www.nlnet.nl/dnssec/), to add
EDNS(0) and DNSSEC (and possibly DANE) support to Twisted.

The current project plan can be found here:
 * https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/EDNS0

If there are any DNS enthusiasts / experts on this list, I'd
appreciate your feedback -- on the plan and on the implementation (as
it evolves). Please reply to this email with your thoughts.

Tom Prince has kindly agreed to do some "express" code and design
reviews for me. That'll be a great help given the current length of
the review queue.
 * https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/report/25

But the more eyes on the code the better, so please consider helping
out with code reviews if you can. (I'm happy to trade reviews if
you've got your own branch / patch waiting to be reviewed.)

I've been given a head start in this project by the patches
contributed by Bob Novas and Phil Mayers, so thank you both. I hope
you'll be able monitor what I'm doing and steer me in the right

Thanks also to Itamar who encouraged me to apply for the funding and
to Tom Prince and everyone who helped me draft the proposal.

I'll be working on this at the Twisted Sprint in Bristol, UK on
December 7th; where I'll be delighted to discuss the project and
demonstrate what I've been up to. Hope to see you there!

-Richard Wall (rwall in #twisted and #twisted-dev)

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