[Twisted-Python] txThings - simple library for CoAP protocol

Maciej Wasilak wasilak at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 02:54:47 MDT 2013

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce the first release of txThings. It is a simple
for Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). CoAP is a relatively new
designed for "Internet of Things" and M2M communications.

txThings currently implements a subset of CoAP features:
- standard messaging based on draft-ietf-core-coap-13 (no proxying support
- blockwise transfers based on draft-ietf-core-block-12
- limited suport for RFC6690 Core Link Format (for servers only)

I hope to add new features like Observe (draft-ietf-core-observe-09) soon.

TxThings is my first Twisted project, so the code quality can probably be
also better unit testing is necessary. However I decided to release the code
in its current form to discover, if there is any interest in it.

Internet of Things is currently very interesting field of development. It
is approaching
a phase where many opportunities for both large and small players. I think
Twisted is
well suited for development of IoT apps:
- it's stable
- it's Python based and portable
- it has good support for UDP and TCP, which makes it ideal for proxying
IoT protocols to HTTP
In my opinion in the next three years, at least 20% of Twisted apps will be
IoT related
(educated guess, no hard data :) )

There are many new protocols out there designed for IoT, in my opinion
CoAP and MQTT have the biggest chance of adoption. CoAP is developed by
and backed by companies like ARM.

You can download txThings from Github:




Few more remarks:
- txThings works on RaspberryPi (tested)
- txThings plays well with Kivy Python GUI Library http://kivy.org
Kivy is new GUI library that supports Twisted, and allows building apps for
Android and iOS - I've ran a few tests, and it's very promising :)


Best Regards
Maciej Wasilak
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