[Twisted-Python] The Path to Twisted 14.1

HawkOwl hawkowl at atleastfornow.net
Mon Nov 3 06:43:40 MST 2014

Hi everyone,

To keep everyone in the loop...

Since 14.0 came out months ago, and we really should have 14.1, I think it’s time we bit the bullet and cleaned out the regressions to get it out the door. Unfortunately, all of the currently open regressions are from the new logging system (#6750, plus #7548 and #7545) Since these regressions are introduced by a new ticket, we should revert them, and get the regressions fixed before it is remerged. I’ll make a new milestone called “New Twisted Logging” or similar so that they’re all still kept track of as a group.

The only other big thing preventing 14.1 is https://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/7647 , the patch that 14.0.1/14.0.2 was released to include. The patch fixes it, but not ideally, so it needs looking at.

Once I’ve reverted those tickets and we can get #7647 refined and merged in some form, 14.1 will be out the door :)

- hawkowl
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