[Twisted-Python] Updating the project leadership committee

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Wed Dec 16 04:32:47 MST 2020


Based on a comment from Glyph

> The current "project leadership committee" is more than half made up of
people who are a. no longer affiliated with the project and b. never answer
their email at this point,

I started this discussion to see if we can update / refresh the project
leadership committee.

I remember that in 2015 I read the same comment.

Glypy, do you know the required number of members for the committee?

My suggestion is to try to arrange for a committee that is updated every 2
years... or maybe every year.
I can organize the communication and project management stuff.

Here is the list of committers for the last to years


This is a quantitative approach... and does not imply quality or
dedication, but I think that is a good starting point for searching for
candidates for the committee.

I can also volunteer to be part of the committee.

Maybe we can create a new list of members for the commitee and then see if
this list will be accepted by theSoftware Freedom Conservancy.

I can also volunteer to do a bit of noise and see if we can raise more

I will not apply for the fellowship, so I hope that in this way we will not
have any complaints about my intentions :)

PS: I have many patches for Twisted that are not commited. I could just
hire another person to "review" them, but I don't think that this is fair.
In fact, all the patches already passed an internal review, done by I
person paid by my company.
So, I hope that we can hire an independent reviewer

Adi Roiban
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