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Interface ICredentials I check credentials.
Interface IUsernameHashedPassword I encapsulate a username and a hashed password.
Interface IUsernamePassword I encapsulate a username and a plaintext password.
Interface IAnonymous I am an explicitly anonymous request for access.
Class DigestedCredentials Yet Another Simple HTTP Digest authentication scheme.
Class DigestCredentialFactory Support for RFC2617 HTTP Digest Authentication
Class CramMD5Credentials Undocumented
Class UsernameHashedPassword Undocumented
Class UsernamePassword Undocumented
Class Anonymous Undocumented
Interface ISSHPrivateKey ISSHPrivateKey credentials encapsulate an SSH public key to be checked against a user's private key.
Class SSHPrivateKey Undocumented
Interface IPluggableAuthenticationModules I encapsulate the authentication of a user via PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules. I use PyPAM (available from http://www.tummy.com/Software/PyPam/index.html).
Class PluggableAuthenticationModules Undocumented
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