t.c.c.CramMD5Credentials : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.cred.credentials.IUsernameHashedPassword

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getChallenge Undocumented
Method setResponse Undocumented
Method moreChallenges Undocumented
Method checkPassword Validate these credentials against the correct password.
def __init__(self, host=None): (source)
def getChallenge(self): (source)
def setResponse(self, response): (source)
def moreChallenges(self): (source)
def checkPassword(self, password): (source)
Validate these credentials against the correct password.
ParameterspasswordThe correct, plaintext password against which to check. (type: str )
ReturnsTrue if the credentials represented by this object match the given password, False if they do not, or a Deferred which will be called back with one of these values. (type: bool or Deferred )
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