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Exceptions and errors for use in twisted.internet modules.

Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Class BindError An error occurred binding to an interface
Class CannotListenError This gets raised by a call to startListening, when the object cannot start listening.
Class MulticastJoinError An attempt to join a multicast group failed.
Class MessageLengthError Message is too long to send
Class DNSLookupError DNS lookup failed
Class ConnectInProgressError A connect operation was started and isn't done yet.
Class ConnectError An error occurred while connecting
Class ConnectBindError Couldn't bind
Class UnknownHostError Hostname couldn't be looked up
Class NoRouteError No route to host
Class ConnectionRefusedError Connection was refused by other side
Class TCPTimedOutError TCP connection timed out
Class BadFileError File used for UNIX socket is no good
Class ServiceNameUnknownError Service name given as port is unknown
Class UserError User aborted connection
Class TimeoutError User timeout caused connection failure
Class SSLError An SSL error occurred
Class VerifyError Could not verify something that was supposed to be signed.
Class PeerVerifyError The peer rejected our verify error.
Class CertificateError We did not find a certificate where we expected to find one.
Function getConnectError Given a socket exception, return connection error.
Class ConnectionClosed Connection was closed, whether cleanly or non-cleanly.
Class ConnectionDone Connection was closed cleanly
Class ConnectionFdescWentAway Uh
Class AlreadyCalled Tried to cancel an already-called event
Class AlreadyCancelled Tried to cancel an already-cancelled event
Class PotentialZombieWarning Emitted when IReactorProcess.spawnProcess is called in a way which may result in termination of the created child process not being reported.
Class ProcessDone A process has ended without apparent errors
Class ProcessTerminated A process has ended with a probable error condition
Class ProcessExitedAlready The process has already exited and the operation requested can no longer be performed.
Class NotConnectingError The Connector was not connecting when it was asked to stop connecting
Class NotListeningError The Port was not listening when it was asked to stop listening
Class ReactorNotRunning Error raised when trying to stop a reactor which is not running.
Class ReactorAlreadyRunning Error raised when trying to start the reactor multiple times.
def getConnectError(e): (source)
Given a socket exception, return connection error.
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