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The reactor using the glib mainloop.
Method __init__ Override init to set the useGtk flag.

Inherited from Gtk2Reactor:

Method input_add Undocumented
Method addReader Add a FileDescriptor for monitoring of data available to read.
Method addWriter Add a FileDescriptor for monitoring ability to write data.
Method getReaders Retrieve the list of current FileDescriptor monitored for reading.
Method getWriters Retrieve the list of current FileDescriptor monitored for writing.
Method removeAll Remove monitoring for all registered FileDescriptors.
Method removeReader Stop monitoring the given FileDescriptor for reading.
Method removeWriter Stop monitoring the given FileDescriptor for writing.
Method doIterationTimeout Undocumented
Method doIteration Do one iteration over the readers and writers which have been added.
Method crash See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.crash.
Method run Fire 'startup' System Events, move the reactor to the 'running' state, then run the main loop until it is stopped with stop() or crash().
Method callback Undocumented
Method simulate Run simulation loops and reschedule callbacks.
Method _add No summary
Method _remove Remove monitoring the given FileDescriptor for either reading or writing. If it's still monitored for the other operation, we re-register the FileDescriptor for only that operation.
Method _doReadOrWrite Undocumented

Inherited from PosixReactorBase (via Gtk2Reactor):

Method installWaker Install a `waker' to allow threads and signals to wake up the IO thread.
Method spawnProcess Spawn a process, with a process protocol.
Method listenUDP Connects a given DatagramProtocol to the given numeric UDP port.
Method listenMulticast Connects a given DatagramProtocol to the given numeric UDP port.
Method connectUNIX
Method listenUNIX
Method listenUNIXDatagram Connects a given DatagramProtocol to the given path.
Method connectUNIXDatagram Connects a ConnectedDatagramProtocol instance to a path.
Method listenTCP
Method connectTCP
Method connectSSL
Method listenSSL
Method listenWith Start an instance of the given portType listening.
Method connectWith Start an instance of the given connectorType connecting.
Method _disconnectSelectable Utility function for disconnecting a selectable.
Method _checkMode Check mode to see if a value was specified for it and emit a deprecation warning if so. Return the default value if none was specified, otherwise return mode.
Method _removeAll Remove all readers and writers, and list of removed IReadDescriptors and IWriteDescriptors.

Inherited from _SignalReactorMixin (via Gtk2Reactor, PosixReactorBase):

Method startRunning Extend the base implementation in order to remember whether signal handlers should be installed later.
Method mainLoop Undocumented
Method _handleSignals Install the signal handlers for the Twisted event loop.
Method _handleSigchld Reap all processes on SIGCHLD.
Method _reallyStartRunning Extend the base implementation by also installing signal handlers, if self._installSignalHandlers is true.

Inherited from ReactorBase (via Gtk2Reactor, PosixReactorBase):

Method installResolver Set the internal resolver to use to for name lookups.
Method wakeUp Wake up the event loop.
Method resolve Return a Deferred that will resolve a hostname.
Method stop See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.stop.
Method sigInt Handle a SIGINT interrupt.
Method sigBreak Handle a SIGBREAK interrupt.
Method sigTerm Handle a SIGTERM interrupt.
Method disconnectAll Disconnect every reader, and writer in the system.
Method iterate See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.iterate.
Method fireSystemEvent See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.fireSystemEvent.
Method addSystemEventTrigger See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.addSystemEventTrigger.
Method removeSystemEventTrigger See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.removeSystemEventTrigger.
Method callWhenRunning See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore.callWhenRunning.
Method startRunning Method called when reactor starts: do some initialization and fire startup events.
Method callLater See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTime.callLater.
Method cancelCallLater See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTime.cancelCallLater.
Method getDelayedCalls No summary
Method timeout Undocumented
Method runUntilCurrent Run all pending timed calls.
Method callFromThread 0 See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorThreads.callFromThread.
Method getThreadPool See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorThreads.getThreadPool.
Method callInThread See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorThreads.callInThread.
Method suggestThreadPoolSize See twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorThreads.suggestThreadPoolSize.
Method callFromThread Cause a function to be executed by the reactor thread.
Method _reallyStartRunning Method called to transition to the running state. This should happen in the during startup event trigger phase.
Method _moveCallLaterSooner Undocumented
Method _cancelCallLater Undocumented
Method _insertNewDelayedCalls Undocumented
Method _checkProcessArgs Check for valid arguments and environment to spawnProcess.
Method _initThreads Undocumented
Method _initThreadPool Create the threadpool accessible with callFromThread.
Method _stopThreadPool No summary
def __init__(self): (source)
Override init to set the useGtk flag.
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