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SSL transport. Requires PyOpenSSL (http://pyopenssl.sf.net).

SSL connections require a ContextFactory so they can create SSL contexts. End users should only use the ContextFactory classes directly - for SSL connections use the reactor.connectSSL/listenSSL and so on, as documented in IReactorSSL.

All server context factories should inherit from ContextFactory, and all client context factories should inherit from ClientContextFactory. At the moment this is not enforced, but in the future it might be.

Future Plans: Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Class ContextFactory A factory for SSL context objects, for server SSL connections.
Class DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory is a factory for server-side SSL context objects. These objects define certain parameters related to SSL handshakes and the subsequent connection.
Class ClientContextFactory A context factory for SSL clients.
Class Client I am an SSL client.
Class Server I am an SSL server.
Class Port I am an SSL port.
Class Connector Undocumented
Class DistinguishedName Identify and describe an entity.
Class Certificate An x509 certificate.
Class CertificateRequest An x509 certificate request.
Class PrivateCertificate An x509 certificate and private key.
Class KeyPair No class docstring; 0/2 class methods, 3/10 methods documented
Class CertificateOptions A factory for SSL context objects for both SSL servers and clients.
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