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DefaultOpenSSLContextFactory is a factory for server-side SSL context objects. These objects define certain parameters related to SSL handshakes and the subsequent connection.
Instance Variables_contextFactoryA callable which will be used to create new context objects. This is typically SSL.Context.
Method __init__
Method cacheContext Undocumented
Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method __setstate__ Undocumented
Method getContext Return an SSL context.
def __init__(self, privateKeyFileName, certificateFileName, sslmethod=SSL.SSLv23_METHOD, _contextFactory=SSL.Context): (source)
ParametersprivateKeyFileNameName of a file containing a private key
certificateFileNameName of a file containing a certificate
sslmethodThe SSL method to use
def cacheContext(self): (source)
def __getstate__(self): (source)
def __setstate__(self, state): (source)
def getContext(self): (source)
Return an SSL context.
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