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Various asynchronous TCP/IP classes.

End users shouldn't use this module directly - use the reactor APIs instead.

Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Class Connection Superclass of all socket-based FileDescriptors.
Class BaseClient A base class for client TCP (and similiar) sockets.
Class Client A TCP client.
Class Server Serverside socket-stream connection class.
Class Port A TCP server port, listening for connections.
Class Connector Undocumented
Class _SocketCloser Undocumented
Class _TLSMixin No class docstring; 1/12 methods documented
Class _TLSDelayed State tracking record for TLS startup parameters. Used to remember how TLS should be started when starting it is delayed to wait for the output buffer to be flushed.
Function _getTLSClass Undocumented
def _getTLSClass(klass, _existing={}): (source)
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