t.n.d.Record_NAPTR(tputil.FancyEqMixin, tputil.FancyStrMixin) : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.names.dns.IEncodable, twisted.names.dns.IRecord

The location of the server(s) for a specific protocol and domain.
Instance VariablesorderAn integer specifying the order in which the NAPTR records MUST be processed to ensure the correct ordering of rules. Low numbers are processed before high numbers. (type: int )
preferenceAn integer that specifies the order in which NAPTR records with equal "order" values SHOULD be processed, low numbers being processed before high numbers. (type: int )

A <character-string> containing flags to control aspects of the rewriting and interpretation of the fields in the record. Flags aresingle characters from the set [A-Z0-9]. The case of the alphabetic characters is not significant.

At this time only four flags, "S", "A", "U", and "P", are defined. (type: Charstr )
serviceSpecifies the service(s) available down this rewrite path. It may also specify the particular protocol that is used to talk with a service. A protocol MUST be specified if the flags field states that the NAPTR is terminal. (type: Charstr )
regexpA STRING containing a substitution expression that is applied to the original string held by the client in order to construct the next domain name to lookup. (type: Charstr )
replacementThe next NAME to query for NAPTR, SRV, or address records depending on the value of the flags field. This MUST be a fully qualified domain-name. (type: Name )
ttlThe maximum number of seconds which this record should be cached. (type: int )
See Alsohttp://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2915.html
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method encode Write a representation of this object to the given file object.
Method decode Reconstruct an object from data read from the given file object.
Method __hash__ Undocumented

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Method __str__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, order=0, preference=0, flags='', service='', regexp='', replacement='', ttl=None): (source)
def encode(self, strio, compDict=None): (source)
Write a representation of this object to the given file object.
ParametersstrioThe stream to which to write bytes (type: File-like object )
compDictA dictionary of backreference addresses that have have already been written to this stream and that may be used for compression. (type: dict or None )
def decode(self, strio, length=None): (source)
Reconstruct an object from data read from the given file object.
ParametersstrioThe stream from which bytes may be read (type: File-like object )
lengthThe number of bytes in this RDATA field. Most implementations can ignore this value. Only in the case of records similar to TXT where the total length is in no way encoded in the data is it necessary. (type: int or None )
def __hash__(self): (source)
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