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Resolver implementation for querying successive authoritative servers to lookup a record, starting from the root nameservers.

Jp Calderone

   robustify it
Function retry Issue a query one or more times.
Class Resolver Resolver implements recursive lookup starting from a specified list of root servers.
Function lookupNameservers Undocumented
Function lookupAddress Undocumented
Function extractAuthority Undocumented
Function discoverAuthority Undocumented
Function makePlaceholder Undocumented
Class DeferredResolver Undocumented
Function bootstrap Lookup the root nameserver addresses using the given resolver
Class _DummyController A do-nothing DNS controller. This is useful when all messages received will be responses to previously issued queries. Anything else received will be ignored.
def retry(t, p, *args): (source)

Issue a query one or more times.

This function is deprecated. Use one of the resolver classes for retry logic, or implement it yourself.
def lookupNameservers(host, atServer, p=None): (source)
def lookupAddress(host, atServer, p=None): (source)
def extractAuthority(msg, cache): (source)
def discoverAuthority(host, roots, cache=None, p=None): (source)
def makePlaceholder(deferred, name): (source)
def bootstrap(resolver): (source)

Lookup the root nameserver addresses using the given resolver

Return a Resolver which will eventually become a root.Resolver instance that has references to all the root servers that we were able to look up.
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