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News server backend implementations

Maintainer: Jp Calderone

Future Plans: A PyFramer-based backend and a new backend interface that is less NNTP specific
Function hexdigest Undocumented
Class Article Undocumented
Class NewsServerError Undocumented
Interface INewsStorage An interface for storing and requesting news articles
Class NewsStorage Backwards compatibility class -- There is no reason to inherit from this, just implement INewsStorage instead.
Class PickleStorage A trivial NewsStorage implementation using pickles
Class Group Undocumented
Class NewsShelf A NewStorage implementation using Twisted's dirdbm persistence module.
Class NewsStorageAugmentation A NewsStorage implementation using Twisted's asynchronous DB-API
Function makeGroupSQL Undocumented
Function makeOverviewSQL Undocumented
def hexdigest(md5): (source)
def makeGroupSQL(groups): (source)
def makeOverviewSQL(): (source)
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