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Basic protocols, such as line-oriented, netstring, and int prefixed strings.

Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Class NetstringParseError The incoming data is not in valid Netstring format.
Class NetstringReceiver This uses djb's Netstrings protocol to break up the input into strings.
Class SafeNetstringReceiver This class is deprecated, use NetstringReceiver instead.
Class LineOnlyReceiver A protocol that receives only lines.
Class LineReceiver A protocol that receives lines and/or raw data, depending on mode.
Class StringTooLongError Raised when trying to send a string too long for a length prefixed protocol.
Class IntNStringReceiver Generic class for length prefixed protocols.
Class Int32StringReceiver A receiver for int32-prefixed strings.
Class Int16StringReceiver A receiver for int16-prefixed strings.
Class Int8StringReceiver A receiver for int8-prefixed strings.
Class StatefulStringProtocol A stateful string protocol.
Class FileSender A producer that sends the contents of a file to a consumer.
Class _PauseableMixin Undocumented
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