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Known subclasses: twisted.protocols.amp.BinaryBoxProtocol

A stateful string protocol.

This is a mixin for string protocols (Int32StringReceiver, NetstringReceiver) which translates stringReceived into a callback (prefixed with 'proto_') depending on state.

The state 'done' is special; if a proto_* method returns it, the connection will be closed immediately.
Method stringReceived Choose a protocol phase function and call it.
def stringReceived(self, string): (source)

Choose a protocol phase function and call it.

Call back to the appropriate protocol phase; this begins with the function proto_init and moves on to proto_* depending on what each proto_* function returns. (For example, if self.proto_init returns 'foo', then self.proto_foo will be the next function called when a protocol message is received.
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