t.p.l._FireOnClose(policies.ProtocolWrapper) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Undocumented
Method connectionLost Called when the connection is shut down.

Inherited from ProtocolWrapper:

Method makeConnection When a connection is made, register this wrapper with its factory, save the real transport, and connect the wrapped protocol to this ProtocolWrapper to intercept any transport calls it makes.
Method write Undocumented
Method writeSequence Undocumented
Method loseConnection Undocumented
Method getPeer Undocumented
Method getHost Undocumented
Method registerProducer Undocumented
Method unregisterProducer Undocumented
Method stopConsuming Undocumented
Method __getattr__ Undocumented
Method dataReceived Called whenever data is received.

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via ProtocolWrapper, Protocol):

Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
def __init__(self, protocol, factory): (source)
def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)

Called when the connection is shut down.

Clear any circular references here, and any external references to this Protocol. The connection has been closed.
Parametersreason (type: twisted.python.failure.Failure )
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