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A shortcut on Win32. >>> sc=Shortcut(path, arguments, description, workingdir, iconpath, iconidx)
ParameterspathLocation of the target
argumentsIf path points to an executable, optional arguments to pass
descriptionHuman-readable decription of target
workingdirDirectory from which target is launched
iconpathFilename that contains an icon for the shortcut
iconidxIf iconpath is set, optional index of the icon desired
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method load Read a shortcut file from disk.
Method save Write the shortcut to disk.
Method __getattr__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, path=None, arguments=None, description=None, workingdir=None, iconpath=None, iconidx=0): (source)
def load(self, filename): (source)
Read a shortcut file from disk.
def save(self, filename): (source)

Write the shortcut to disk.

The file should be named something.lnk.
def __getattr__(self, name): (source)
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