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A log observer for logging to syslog.

See twisted.python.log for context.

This logObserver will automatically use LOG_ALERT priority for logged failures (such as from log.err()), but you can use any priority and facility by setting the 'syslogPriority' and 'syslogFacility' keys in the event dict.
Method __init__
Method emit Send a message event to the syslog.
def __init__(self, prefix, options=DEFAULT_OPTIONS, facility=DEFAULT_FACILITY): (source)
ParametersprefixThe syslog prefix to use. (type: str )
optionsA bitvector represented as an integer of the syslog options to use. (type: int )
facilityAn indication to the syslog daemon of what sort of program this is (essentially, an additional arbitrary metadata classification for messages sent to syslog by this observer). (type: int )
def emit(self, eventDict): (source)
Send a message event to the syslog.
ParameterseventDictThe event to send. If it has no 'message' key, it will be ignored. Otherwise, if it has 'syslogPriority' and/or 'syslogFacility' keys, these will be used as the syslog priority and facility. If it has no 'syslogPriority' key but a true value for the 'isError' key, the LOG_ALERT priority will be used; if it has a false value for 'isError', LOG_INFO will be used. If the 'message' key is multiline, each line will be sent to the syslog separately.
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