t.p.z.ZipFileEntry(_FileEntry) : class documentation

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File-like object used to read an uncompressed entry in a ZipFile
Method __init__ Create a _FileEntry from a ChunkingZipFile.
Method tell Undocumented
Method read Undocumented

Inherited from _FileEntry:

Method isatty Returns false because zip files should not be ttys
Method close Close self (file-like object)
Method readline Read a line.
Method next Implement next as file does (like readline, except raises StopIteration at EOF)
Method readlines Returns a list of all the lines
Method xreadlines Returns an iterator (so self)
Method __iter__ Returns an iterator (so self)
def __init__(self, chunkingZipFile, length): (source)
Create a _FileEntry from a ChunkingZipFile.
def tell(self): (source)
def read(self, n=None): (source)
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