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Known subclasses: twisted.runner.inetdconf.InetdConf, twisted.runner.inetdconf.RPCServicesConf, twisted.runner.inetdconf.ServicesConf

Simple configuration file parser superclass.

Filters out comments and empty lines (which includes lines that only contain comments).

To use this class, override parseLine or parseFields.
Method parseFile Parse a configuration file
Method parseLine Override this.
Method parseFields Override this.
def parseFile(self, file=None): (source)

Parse a configuration file

If file is None and self.defaultFilename is set, it will open defaultFilename and use it.
def parseLine(self, line): (source)

Override this.

By default, this will split the line on whitespace and call self.parseFields (catching any errors).
def parseFields(self, *fields): (source)
Override this.
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