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HTTP redirection is occurring endlessly.
Instance VariableslocationThe first URL in the series of redirections which was not followed. (type: str )
Method __init__ Initializes an infinite redirection exception.

Inherited from Error:

Method __str__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, code, message=None, response=None, location=None): (source)
Initializes an infinite redirection exception.
ParameterscodeRefers to an HTTP status code, for example http.NOT_FOUND. If no message is given, code is mapped to a descriptive string that is used instead. (type: str )
messageA short error message, for example "NOT FOUND". (type: str )
responseA complete HTML document for an error page. (type: str )
locationThe location response-header field value. It is an absolute URI used to redirect the receiver to a location other than the Request-URI so the request can be completed. (type: str )
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