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Static resources for twisted.web.
Function isDangerous Undocumented
Class Data This is a static, in-memory resource.
Function addSlash Undocumented
Class Redirect Undocumented
Class Registry I am a Componentized object that will be made available to internal Twisted file-based dynamic web content such as .rpy and .epy scripts.
Function loadMimeTypes No summary
Function getTypeAndEncoding Undocumented
Class File No summary
Class StaticProducer Superclass for classes that implement the business of producing.
Class NoRangeStaticProducer A StaticProducer that writes the entire file to the request.
Class SingleRangeStaticProducer A StaticProducer that writes a single chunk of a file to the request.
Class MultipleRangeStaticProducer A StaticProducer that writes several chunks of a file to the request.
Class FileTransfer A class to represent the transfer of a file over the network.
Class ASISProcessor Serve files exactly as responses without generating a status-line or any headers. Inspired by Apache's mod_asis.
Function formatFileSize Format the given file size in bytes to human readable format.
Class DirectoryLister Print the content of a directory.
def isDangerous(path): (source)
def addSlash(request): (source)
def loadMimeTypes(mimetype_locations='/etc/mime.types'): (source)
Multiple file locations containing mime-types can be passed as a list. The files will be sourced in that order, overriding mime-types from the files sourced beforehand, but only if a new entry explicitly overrides the current entry.
def getTypeAndEncoding(filename, types, encodings, defaultType): (source)
def formatFileSize(size): (source)
Format the given file size in bytes to human readable format.
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