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Method view_resumeProducing Undocumented
Method view_pauseProducing Undocumented
Method view_stopProducing Undocumented
Method resumeProducing Undocumented
Method pauseProducing Undocumented
Method stopProducing Undocumented
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
Method errReceived Some data was received from stderr.
Method outReceived Handle a chunk of input
Method processEnded This will be called when the subprocess is finished.

Inherited from ProcessProtocol:

Method childDataReceived Called when data arrives from the child process.
Method childConnectionLost Called when a file descriptor associated with the child process is closed.
Method inConnectionLost This will be called when stdin is closed.
Method outConnectionLost This will be called when stdout is closed.
Method errConnectionLost This will be called when stderr is closed.
Method processExited This will be called when the subprocess exits.

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via ProcessProtocol):

Method makeConnection Make a connection to a transport and a server.

Inherited from Viewable:

Method jellyFor Serialize a ViewPoint for me and the perspective of the given broker.

Inherited from Serializable (via Viewable):

Method processUniqueID Return an ID which uniquely represents this object for this process.

Inherited from Jellyable (via Viewable, Serializable):

Method getStateFor Undocumented
def view_resumeProducing(self, issuer): (source)
def view_pauseProducing(self, issuer): (source)
def view_stopProducing(self, issuer): (source)
def resumeProducing(self): (source)
def pauseProducing(self): (source)
def stopProducing(self): (source)
def __init__(self, request): (source)
def connectionMade(self): (source)

Called when a connection is made.

This may be considered the initializer of the protocol, because it is called when the connection is completed. For clients, this is called once the connection to the server has been established; for servers, this is called after an accept() call stops blocking and a socket has been received. If you need to send any greeting or initial message, do it here.
def errReceived(self, error): (source)
Some data was received from stderr.
def outReceived(self, output): (source)
Handle a chunk of input
def processEnded(self, reason): (source)
This will be called when the subprocess is finished.
Parametersreason (type: twisted.python.failure.Failure )
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