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Known subclasses: twisted.web.xmlrpc.XMLRPCIntrospection

A resource that implements XML-RPC.

You probably want to connect this to '/RPC2'.

Methods published can return XML-RPC serializable results, Faults, Binary, Boolean, DateTime, Deferreds, or Handler instances.

By default methods beginning with 'xmlrpc_' are published.

Sub-handlers for prefixed methods (e.g., system.listMethods) can be added with putSubHandler. By default, prefixes are separated with a '.'. Override self.separator to change this.
Method __init__ Initialize.
Method putSubHandler Undocumented
Method getSubHandler Undocumented
Method getSubHandlerPrefixes Undocumented
Method render_POST Undocumented
Method _cbRender Undocumented
Method _ebRender Undocumented
Method _getFunction Given a string, return a function, or raise NoSuchFunction.
Method _listFunctions Return a list of the names of all xmlrpc methods.

Inherited from Resource:

Method listStaticNames Undocumented
Method listStaticEntities Undocumented
Method listNames Undocumented
Method listEntities Undocumented
Method listDynamicNames Undocumented
Method listDynamicEntities Undocumented
Method getStaticEntity Undocumented
Method getDynamicEntity Undocumented
Method delEntity Undocumented
Method reallyPutEntity Undocumented
Method getChild Retrieve a 'child' resource from me.
Method getChildWithDefault Retrieve a static or dynamically generated child resource from me.
Method getChildForRequest Undocumented
Method putChild Register a static child.
Method render Render a given resource. See IResource's render method.
Method render_HEAD Default handling of HEAD method.
def __init__(self, allowNone=False): (source)
def putSubHandler(self, prefix, handler): (source)
def getSubHandler(self, prefix): (source)
def getSubHandlerPrefixes(self): (source)
def render_POST(self, request): (source)
def _cbRender(self, result, request): (source)
def _ebRender(self, failure): (source)
def _getFunction(self, functionPath): (source)

Given a string, return a function, or raise NoSuchFunction.

This returned function will be called, and should return the result of the call, a Deferred, or a Fault instance.

Override in subclasses if you want your own policy. The default policy is that given functionPath 'foo', return the method at self.xmlrpc_foo, i.e. getattr(self, "xmlrpc_" + functionPath). If functionPath contains self.separator, the sub-handler for the initial prefix is used to search for the remaining path.
def _listFunctions(self): (source)
Return a list of the names of all xmlrpc methods.
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