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I am responsible for managing a user's accounts.

That is, remembering what accounts are available, their settings, adding and removal of accounts, etc.
Instance VariablesaccountsA collection of available accounts. (type: mapping of strings to Accounts. )
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getSnapShot A snapshot of all the accounts and their status.
Method isEmpty Undocumented
Method getConnectionInfo Undocumented
Method addAccount Undocumented
Method delAccount Undocumented
Method connect
Method disconnect Undocumented
Method quit Undocumented
def __init__(self): (source)
def getSnapShot(self): (source)
A snapshot of all the accounts and their status.
ReturnsA list of tuples, each of the form (string:accountName, boolean:isOnline, boolean:autoLogin, string:gatewayType)
def isEmpty(self): (source)
def getConnectionInfo(self): (source)
def addAccount(self, account): (source)
def delAccount(self, accountName): (source)
def connect(self, accountName, chatui): (source)
Returns (type: Deferred interfaces.IClient )
def disconnect(self, accountName): (source)
def quit(self): (source)
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